FAKRO Folding loft ladders

enable safe and easy access to non-inhabited loft spaces without the need for installing costly and space consuming staircases. Fakro Folding Ladders satisfy all technical and safety requirements whilst maximising ease of use and comfort

Space Savings

Fakro Loft Ladders require little swing space for operation. When folded, the sections are concealed inside the Loft Space, maximising space in the room below.

Ease of Installation

The Installation system ensures that the Ladder can be easliy installed by two persons. Height can be easily adjusted to suit room height. Ladders come as fully assembled products and do not require any additional pre-installation work.

Ease of Operation

The compact structure of the hatch facilitates ease of operation of the Loft Ladder. An opening rod is supplied with every Loft Ladder enabling the user to open and close the unit with ease.

Additional Equipment

In order to maximise comfort and accelerate installation of the Loft Ladder, additional accessories are available.


FAKRO loft ladders come with a 3-year warranty.

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