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Enviromax � Thermostat motor Roof Ventilator

  • High performance motorised ventilator
  • 100% efficient even on hot still days
  • Operates without the need of wind
  • System automatically turns on/off when needed
  • Low maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimal heat loss during winter
  • Low profile design
  • Excellent product that will reduce your roof temperature as desired

Solar Star Roof Ventilator

  • Requires absolutely NO electricity!
  • Costs absolutely nothing to operate!
  • Significantly reduces your cooling and heating costs
  • Prevents roof heat in Summer and moisture in Winter protecting your roof from damage
  • Efficiently circulates air and ventilates your roof, transforming your home intoa comfortable living environment.
  • Unlike non-motorised roof ventilators Solar Star is powered by sunlight that is continuously collected and converted into electrical power by a state of the art solar panel.
  • Thermostat option

Keep cooler in Summer�with SolarStar Roof Ventilation

Now avaliable in 2 sizes RM1200 (10watt) and RM1600�(22watt)�